About Us


Who are We

  • PARAMOUNT RICE PVT.LTD. was established in the year 1988 with a vision to consolidate the fragmented Basmati rice industry. In a short span of time, it has risen to be one of the leading millers in the industry.
  • A unique business model, out of the box the approach of the management, and the goodwill of the customers has enabled the company to consolidate on its leadership position.
  • We are placed in one of the best Basmati producer regions in BUNDI district of RAJASTHAN. We had been the suppliers to all top exporters across the country and millers.
  • PARAMOUNT RICE PVT.LTD. is having a niche in Rice market for producing finest sortex cleaned parboiled rice. We have our presence in the domestic market through our 351 Brand Basmati Rice.

Our Vision


  • To preserve and enrich the legacy of Basmati Rice in India by ensuring the genetic integrity of the seed, by encouraging farmers to adopt scientific agricultural practices and by leveraging world-class rice processing technologies, to be acknowledged as the best company to be known for its quality, purity and customer satisfaction globally.

Our Mission


  • To become a well-admired brand in Basmati Rice segment globally. We are committed to delivering precision – perfect quality to our customers; nurture a professional work environment that fosters employee excellence, growth and job satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth-oriented company that creates value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

  • We believe in putting the customer first.
  • We believe in valuing the work of farmers.
  • We believe in aspiring to be a learning organisation.
  • We believe in working towards achieving zero-defect quality.
  • We believe it is essential to behave responsibly as a global corporate citizen.
  • We believe in using world-class technology to attain better results.
  • We believe in building a work culture based on merit, integrity and transparency.